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Educational Needs

Naraghi Chaity

This foundation has succeeded in building four schools in deprived areas of Khorasan, Razavi, and Alborz provinces. They aim to eliminate educational discrimination. Dr. Naraghi foundation has started building a complex in Mashhad. It will have three levels: elementary, secondary, and conservatory. It also plans to build a conservatory for boys in Karaj. In addition, a scientific and practical unit was established in Kahrizak’s old people’s home. Trained professors have helped this center provide educational support and opportunities for educational and professional advancement to more than two thousand people in the society.

Dr. Mustafa Naraghi's charitable educational activities

The actions taken in line with Dr. Mustafa Naraqi’s charitable educational activities can be divided into the following sections:

  • Construction and equipping of Dr. Mustafa Naraghi nursing home located in Kahrizak and change of use to modular scientific and applied unit until now.
  • Construction and equipping of Dr. Mustafa Naraqi educational complex including elementary, first secondary and girls’ conservatory in the fields of sewing, embroidery, and graphics with 30 teaching classes and ten technical workshops and about a thousand students until now.
  • Construction and equipping of Dr. Mustafa Naraghi’s boys’ academy located in one of the deprived areas of Karaj with more than 600 square meters of training workshop including two halls of Dr. Mustafa Naraghi school for teaching in electronics and computer fields, and Papli Khaltabari hall for teaching mechanics and electrotechnical fields, twelve classes with a capacity of 420 students until now.
  • Scholarships for talented students in need until now
  • Grants for university facilities for talented students of government centers who have problems in providing for their education and dormitory expenses.
  • Registration fees, uniforms, insurance, as well as school assistance fees for all covered students which after the visit, research and verification, his financial inability has been proven.
  • The cost of purchasing stationery for high school students.

The Educational Complex of Dr. Mostafa Naraghi

Dr. Naraghi Charity established and equipped educational centers in deprived areas efforts of Ms. Farvardin Tahbaz and Ms. Nahaleh Naraghi (member of the board of trustees of the Naraghi Charity Foundation). They did this to increase educational justice and welfare for underprivileged sections of society. The foundation is also responsible for equipping and maintaining these centers to realize this valuable goal. This goal is explained as follows:


The first specialized university in the field of geriatric

Establishment of Boys High School By Dr Naraghi’s Charity

Establishment of High School By Dr Naraghi’s Charity

Establishment of High School of Art and Design

Farvardin Tahbaz elementary school


Sewing Workshops

Leather Crafting Workshop

Graphic workshop

Electrotechnical Workshop

Computer Workshop

Mechanic workshop

Other Activities

Winning the second place in robotics in district 4 of Alborz province

Donating Clothes and Daily Meal on School

Smart Classrooms And Laboratory

Ms. Nahaleh Naraghi's Support For The Educational Activities

The family is considered the main institution of education for every person in society. Then, the school is considered a secondary institution of education. When it comes to the greatest mission of Naraghi Charity Foundation; Undoubtedly, establishing educational justice is at the top of our goals. We believe that the opportunity for education should be equal for everyone and that no one should be deprived of education. Components such as facilities and equipment, educational resources, human resources, and educational quality are among the most important requirements to achieve the right to equal education and educational justice, and at Dr. Naraghi Charity Foundation, we try to provide these components for children and teenagers.

To help underprivileged children in Mashhad, Mrs. Tahbaz (Naraghi) decided to build a primary school for girls in one of the deprived areas. She named the school after her mother, Mrs. Robabe Tahbaz. In October 1998, the first phase of the project began. The two-floor school, with 2400 square meters and a capacity for 330 students, opened its first classes.

In the mid-1990s, the “Dr. Mustafa Naraghi Cultural Center” was established in an old people’s home in Kahrizk. It aimed to update the scientific and educational level of the employees and clients of Kohrizk. This was an effective step to provide more scientific synergy to the issues and problems of the elderly and the disabled. It also aimed to incorporate knowledge from around the world. The center sought to update its staff and specialist forces. It wanted to keep pace with the latest scientific achievements in social work, psychology, and counseling.

In the late nineties, Dr. Naraghi Foundation and Kahrizek’s managers made efforts. As a result, they decided to expand the educational space in early 2021. They will change the Dr. Naraghi educational cultural center to Kahrizek’s scientific and practical education center. This will meet the educational standards of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. It will also meet the headings of the Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education. This time, it will become a university. This will help develop and advance the country’s cultural space, which is full of elderly and disabled people.

Dr. Naraghi’s family (including Ms. Nahaleh Naraqi) unwaveringly supports more than 350 students. They study in eight fields with specializations and professional orientations. This enriches the future of the health system. It helps people in need with current knowledge.

Dr. Naraghi is building a cultural and educational complex. It’s now a prominent university. It’s being completed in two separate floors with modern facilities. The applied scientific center has put half its space to educating young people from outside Kahrizak.

We can hold scientific conferences and seminars focused on the elderly and disabled by establishing a meeting hall in the scientific and practical center. It also serves the university space. It has become a place for Kahrizek to organize national and international ceremonies and conferences.

Since 2020, more than 300 graduates of this center have used their skills to help the elderly and disabled. They also serve Kahrizak and other organizations. This important mission of the center has been fully implemented. It aims to spread knowledge-based services to other parts of the country. It also supports institutions like Kahrizak.

The horizon of Kahrizak’s scientific and practical education center is named after Dr. Mostafa Naraghi. It aims to become Iran’s top authority. It serves the elderly and disabled. This vision will come to life in the next few years with Dr. Naraghi’s family and Kahrizak’s managers and officials’ support.

In 2004, after many consultations and cooperation with the education department of Mashhad Sixth District, the Dr. Mostafa Naraghi Charity Foundation succeeded in obtaining a legal permit. They changed the use of the elementary level to a girls’ conservatory. The conservatory started its activity in three fields of education. These are graphics, tailoring, and leather crafting. It considered the living conditions and job needs of female students in the region. The school was fully completed and equipped for the well-being of students.

Sewing workshop

Regarding the high importance of clothing in the society and considering the poor financial condition of the people living in the area, this complex started a tailoring course to teach production, income generation and finally self-sufficiency of students.

This training center is equipped with two sewing workshops with the capacity to train 70 students, seven industrial sewing machines, 18 simple sewing machines and four serger sewing machines.

تجهیز کارگاه خیاطی به همت خیریه دکتر نراقی و 
سرکار خانم نهاله نراقی
tailoring course in Dr naraghi's charitable educational programs


Leather Crafting Workshop

This training center started the field of leather Crafting. It aligns with the goal of education for production, income generation, and student self-sufficiency. The field includes 3 active workshops. They are equipped with 8 sewing machines and have a capacity of 50 students. The products produced by this educational group were displayed in domestic education exhibitions. They were well received by the visitors. It is hoped that in the coming years, they will be responsible for a part of the domestic production market.

کارگاه سراجی خیریه دکتر نراقی leather crafting workshop in naraghi's charity


Graphic Workshop

The position of graphic designer is considered one of the most used and demanding jobs in Iran and the world and there is almost no company or organization that does not need one or more graphic artists to carry out their advertising and art projects.

In this regard, this training center for the field of graphics was established by equipping 3 workshops, 30 computers, and with the training capacity of 90 students.

Farvardin Tahbaz Elementary School was established in the 2018-2019 academic year. It spans 2500 square meters across two floors, with 600 square meters on each. The school aims to grow, educate, and develop the character of female students living in a disadvantaged area of Mashhad. More than 400 students are currently studying in this school.

This school organizes scientific camps, painting workshops, and various festivals. For example, Yalda and religious responsibility celebrations. This makes the school a lovely environment for all elementary school children. Recreational camps also contribute to the lovely environment. This stage includes 6 grades, from the first to the sixth grade. Each grade has two classes, with a capacity of 35 people.


Smart Classrooms

Five classrooms have been equipped and provided to the teachers in an intelligent way to teach the students of this center so that these loved ones can receive education with a more suitable quality in the field of education.

also girls’s High School consists of ten classes with a capacity of 35 students each. Also, 7 classrooms are smartly equipped to teach the students of this center.



Laboratory equipment allows students to conduct experiments in a practical way. Such practical learning often makes challenging theories and concepts easier to understand. In this regard, a well-equipped laboratory was opened.

The charity also established Bagher Tahbaz 1st Secondary School in Mashhad in 2018. This was in addition to the conservatory and elementary school. This lets students finish their education. This school has 2500 square meters of Substructure and 600 square meters of building on two floors. About 400 students are currently studying in this school. the laboratory of this school is equipped according to the standard educational topics.

Ms. Nahale Naraghi in support of equipping smart classrooms



The library space also has more than a thousand volumes of educational books in all related subjects and educational aids, as well as materials suitable for this stage in historical, scientific, etc. fields are available to students.

کتابخانه مدرسه خیریه دکتر نراقی


Training hall of Dr. Mustafa Naraghi educational complex

From the first days of its activity, the foundation planned properly in both aspects of education, therefore, in addition to educational and scientific activities, attention to maintaining physical health has been in the priority of the activities.

In this regard, a roofed multi-purpose hall with an area of 600 square meters was built and provided to the students of the complex. It provides a suitable space for educational and cultural gatherings. These include celebrations like the start of the academic year and Teacher’s Day. They also include assignments and meetings between parents and teachers of different levels.


Donating Clothes and Daily Meal on School

The scheme of donating winter clothes to students who do not have warm and appropriate clothing was held as before. On this occasion, 330 pieces of required clothing were provided. Furthermore, on the occasion of Nowruz 2023, 70 pieces of clothes and shoes were delivered to the students under cover.

During the 2022-2023 academic year, Amade Laziz company will provide proper daily nutrition to 1440 students. The students attend four primary girls’ schools in Mashhad. The schools are: Farvardin Tahbaz, Baqer Tahbaz 1st Secondary School, Robabe Tahbaz Work and Education Academy, and Sheikh Toosi Elementary School. The company will send soup, chocolate, breakfast, and biscuits as a gift, in two shifts, for free. In addition, the foundation purchases and distributes other items required for the 2022-2023 academic year’s breakfast program.

اهدا نوشت افزار خیریه دکتر نراقی