Dr. Mostafa Naraghi's charity

The first specialized university in the field of geriatric

تاسیس مرکز پودمانى علمى و کاربردى کهریزك دکتر نراقی

The first specialized university in the field of geriatric

Dr. Naraghi is building a cultural and educational complex. It’s now a prominent university. It’s being completed in two separate floors with modern facilities. The applied scientific center has put half its space to educating young people from outside Kahrizak.

We can hold scientific conferences and seminars focused on the elderly and disabled by establishing a meeting hall in the scientific and practical center. It also serves the university space. It has become a place for Kahrizek to organize national and international ceremonies and conferences.

حضور خانم نهاله نراقی در تاسیس مرکز پودمانی کهریزک - Ms. Nahale naraghi a member of board of trustees

Since 2020, more than 300 graduates of this center have used their skills to help the elderly and disabled. They also serve Kahrizak and other organizations. This important mission of the center has been fully implemented. It aims to spread knowledge-based services to other parts of the country. It also supports institutions like Kahrizak.

The horizon of Kahrizak’s scientific and practical education center is named after Dr. Mostafa Naraghi. It aims to become Iran’s top authority. It serves the elderly and disabled. This vision will come to life in the next few years with Dr. Naraghi’s family and Kahrizak’s managers and officials’ support.