Dr. Mostafa Naraghi's charity

Medical and environmental needs

Naraghi Chaity

Dr. Mostafa Naraghi Charity Foundation, Amadeh Laziz food, and Actover pharmaceutical company and the efforts of Ms. Nahaleh Naraghi (member of the board of trustees of Naraghi charity) have taken another step to help the needy in our country. They are dealing with the damage caused by natural disasters and diseases. They are also helping athletes. Additionally, they are preserving and protecting the environment of this border and region. These activities include the following actions:


  • Attending the affected areas caused by natural disasters and floods, such as floods and earthquakes in deprived areas of the country, including dispatch of medical specialists, provision of medicine, donation of suitable food, donation of blankets and warm clothes, stationery and also special toys for children.
  • Providing relief to the affected areas caused by the earthquake in Syria, including sending blankets and heating devices, medical items, medical equipment, and food to the victims of the Syrian earthquake.
  • Preparation of disinfectant solution, personal protective clothing and distribution in medical centers and hospitals
  • Providing and donating food items, educational facilities, medical and pharmaceutical supplies, and cash donations to other organizations and charities.
  • Equipping the pharmacy of the national wrestling team, including the necessary drugs and supplements, as well as the medical and physiotherapy equipment of this complex.
  • Supporting Miankaleh wildlife rangers
  • Cleaning of public places including Tcleaning of the heights of Shamshak and Darband Sar, cleaning of Dasht Shaghaig in Polur and…



Ms. Nahaleh Naraghi's support in the field of treatment and environment

Promoting the culture of protecting Iran’s nature and wildlife and preserving of this unique heritage on the one hand and making the maximum effort to take action in this way on the other hand, is one of the biggest goals of Dr. Naraghi’s Charity Foundation. In recent years, Dr. Naraghi,s Charity Foundation has started a new chapter in environmental activities. This sector is especially important in terms of sustainable development of local communities;
In this way, we have never neglected the importance of training and equipping local citizens and promoting the culture of protecting the environment. We are trying to contribute with activities in preserving the environment, dealing with natural and unnatural disasters, and developing culture and education to protect the valuable environment of our country.

Nahaleh Naraghi

The social duty of preserving the environment

In recent years, the Dr. Naraghi Foundation has started a new chapter in environmental activities. This sector is especially important in terms of sustainable development of local communities and its educational aspect for citizens is in the core strategies of the foundation.

Supporting the Miankaleh Wildlife Sanctuary

Miankaleh peninsula is one of the most important wildlife shelters and aquatic ecosystems of the country that the changes of the last two decades have had important effects on the structure and function of this wetland. Actover Group is trying to be effective in this matter by preparing and donating food packages to the rangers, repairing the patrol cars of the rangers, as well as providing equipment and support to the rangers.

Cleaning of public places

Keeping the earth clean from pollution and cleaning it from environmental pollutants is obligatory for everyone in the current conditions. Culturalization in this regard is one of the other goals of the partnership projects of the foundation and companies. Among the activities carried out in this department, it is possible to mention the cleaning of the heights of Shemshak and Darbandsar, the cleaning of the plains of Shagaig and Pleur.