Dr. Mostafa Naraghi's charity

Farvardin Tahbaz elementary school

تاسیس مدرسه ابتدایى فروردین طاهباز توسط موسسه خیریه نراقی nahaleh naraghi charity

Establishment of elementary school by Naraghi’ Charity

Farvardin Tahbaz Elementary School was established in the 2018-2019 academic year. It spans 2500 square meters across two floors, with 600 square meters on each. The school aims to grow, educate, and develop the character of female students living in a disadvantaged area of Mashhad. More than 400 students are currently studying in this school.

This school organizes scientific camps, painting workshops, and various festivals. For example, Yalda and religious responsibility celebrations. This makes the school a lovely environment for all elementary school children. Recreational camps also contribute to the lovely environment. This stage includes 6 grades, from the first to the sixth grade. Each grade has two classes, with a capacity of 35 people.

دبستان خیریه دکتر نراقی Naraqi charity

Ms. Nahaleh Naraghi (member of the board of trustees) stated that:

We believe that the opportunity for education should be equal for everyone and that no one should be deprived of education; because that child’s education is the foundation for their future well-being. That is why we in Naraghi’s Charity organization are committed to building schools in disadvantaged areas. Our aim is to provide fully operational classrooms, libraries and playgrounds for children. 


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