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Mechanic workshop

کارگاه مکانیک هنرستان دکتر نراقی Naraghi's Charity high school

Mechanic Workshops In Dr Naraghi’s High School

Mechanics field is one of the markets that today, with the great progress that all countries around the world have made in the automobile industry, and also with the increase in the production of automobile parts, this industry is constantly expanding.

Mechanic workshop in dr naraghi family high school

Ms. Nahaleh Naraghi as a member of board of trustees stated that:

Mechanics is one of the most comprehensive engineering fields; Because mechanics includes all the sciences and techniques that are related to the production and manufacture of parts and machines, as well as the design and control of mechanical systems, and plays an important role in the progress and development of the country. Therefore, it was very important for us to teach this field to teenagers and their entry into the labor market; May they create a bright future with progress and development for our beloved country, Iran.

Mechanical workshop with an area of 250 square meters, 6 machines for the main body of the car, 9 machines for training stands for engine and car electricity, and 11 training machines for replacing parts and troubleshooting is available to 145 students of this field.