Dr. Mostafa Naraghi's charity

Establishment of High School By Dr Naraghi’s Charity

Establishment of High School For Girls by Ms. Nahale naraghi as a member of naraghi's charity

Establishment of High School By Dr Naraghi’s Charity

The Naraghi’s Family charity also established Bagher Tahbaz High School in Mashhad in 2018. This was in addition to the high school of Art and elementary school and lets students finish their education. This school has 2500 square meters of Substructure and 600 square meters of building on two floors. About 400 students are currently studying in this school.

Ms. Nahale Naraghi (member of the board of trustees of the Naraghi Charity Foundation) stated that:

Our ideas to construct schools, will ensure that we are making education accessible to all children. Every new school build is constructed with the needs of that special area. Our schools are equipped with IT suites and science laboratories as we believe that giving children the tools they need to compete in a digital marketplace is critical for helping them make their way out of poverty.


Building a New School by naraghi family charitable foundation