Dr. Mostafa Naraghi's charity

Leather Crafting Workshop

کارگاه سراجی خیریه خانواده نراقی - Naraghi family charity sewing workshop

Equipping the Leather Crafting Workshop

As an Educational Program of the Dr. Naraqi’s Charity

The field of leather Crafting was launched at Girls High school. It aligns with the goal of education for production, income generation, and student self-sufficiency. The field includes 3 active workshops. They are equipped with 8 sewing machines and have a capacity of 50 students. The products produced by this educational group were displayed in domestic education exhibitions. They were well received by the visitors. It is hoped that in the coming years, they will be responsible for a part of the domestic production market.

کارگاه سراجی خیریه خانواده نراقی Naraghi charity

You can support these students by purchasing products made by teenagers who are supported by the Naraghi charity. They using their talent and creativity to make a variety of products with their art and genius, which you can see on the products page of Dr. Naraghi’s charity website.