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In Memory of

Dr. Mustafa Naraghi

Founder of Actoverco Pharmaceutical Company

Mrs. Farvardin Tahbaz (Naraghi)

Founder and Leader 


Dr. Naraghi’s Charity Organization

Mrs. Farvardin Tahbaz (Naraghi) was born on March 23, 1936, in Mashhad. After marrying Dr. Mustafa Naraghi (Founder of Actoverco) she moved to Tehran in 1959. She made a lifelong effort with a wise man like Dr. Naraghi. She wanted to connect the beauty of her memory with the satisfaction of people’s hearts. She sought to bring peace and lasting empowerment to them through her charitable work.

Mrs. Tahbaz (Naraghi) is biased toward educational justice. This aligns with Dr. Naraghi’s foundation. Throughout the journey from establishment to planning and then to guidance, it is clear she has been motivated by human values. Until today, when the trees of the Dr. Mustafa Naraghi Foundation cast a shadow, and until tomorrow, when the helpers and those who are helped, see neither the sapling, nor the shadow, nor the gardener, but the garden is in place: Mrs. Farvardin Tahbaz (Naraghi) garden.

Now Nahaleh Naraghi is a member of the Naraghi’s Charity organization board of trustees. This charity was founded in the name of Nahaleh Naraqi’s Father, the late Dr. Mustafa Naraghi.

The Statement Of Ms. Nahaleh Naraghi About The Charitable Activities

For more than 50 years, the Actoverco family has chosen responsibility and social duties as an inseparable part of its identity and path of evolution, and in this regard, it has identified the life needs, educational, and medical needs of its compatriots. With the establishment of Dr. Mustafa Naraghi’s charity, Actoverco’s commitment to understanding social responsibilities and taking purposeful actions towards charitable goals reached its highest level, and now it is the result of more than 20 years of activity of this charity, in the fields of education services, empowering people and improving the health of the society are our motivation for this path.
Dr. Mustafa Naraghi Charitable Foundation, founded with the passion of its founders (Mrs. Farvardin tahbaz (naraghi) and Ms. Nahaleh Naraghi) to help people in need with educational or cultural and equality. during its more than twenty years of activity, is trying to tackle poverty and bring a semblance of normality to the lives of families who are affected by natural disaster and chronic poverty.

History of Dr. Naraghi’s Charity Organization

Educational justice and equal access to resources is one of the fundamental strategies of the Dr. Mustafa Naraghi Charity Foundation. Ms. Farvardin Tahbaz (Naraghi), Dr. Naraghi’s surviving wife, founded the foundation in 1997. Dr. Mustafa Naraghi (R.I.P.) and his wife have always considered their motivation and social responsibility towards the people of this land. They also supply and produce health-oriented products. This is the reason that, after Dr. Naraghi’s death, his wife decided to form a legal entity in the mid-1990s to handle related matters. Her ongoing efforts over a decade led to the registration of the “Dr. Mustafa Naraghi Charity Foundation” in his name and memory in 2007. Her continuous efforts over a decade finally led to the registration of the “Dr. Mustafa Naraghi Charity Foundation” in 2007. The foundation is named in memory of that great man. She fulfilled the wish of that living man, with the leadership and companionship of her husband and children. She aims to become a fruitful and shady tree and fulfill part of her responsibilities towards the great nation of Iran.

Marginalization and ongoing inequality among children contribute to the lack of access to education. In developing countries, children do not have access to basic education. The inequalities are caused by the lack of fair distribution of wealth and facilities. These children are on the margins of the educational system. They do not benefit from learning the teachings vital for their intellectual and social development. Factors related to poverty, such as unemployment, illness, and illiteracy of parents, multiply the risk of not succeeding and dropping out of school for children and adolescents. The Dr. Mustafa Naraghi Charity Foundation aims to help needy families. It has been active for 25 years. The foundation takes steps in education to reduce discrimination between poor children and the empowered.



This foundation has succeeded in building four schools in deprived areas of Khorasan, Razavi, and Alborz provinces. They aim to eliminate educational discrimination. This foundation has started building a complex in Mashhad. It will have three levels: elementary, secondary, and conservatory. It also plans to build a conservatory for boys in Karaj. In addition, a scientific and practical unit was established in Kahrizak’s old people’s home. Trained professors have helped this center provide educational support and opportunities for educational and professional advancement to more than two thousand people in the society.

The actions taken in line with Dr. Mustafa Naraghi’s charitable educational activities can be divided into the following sections:

  • Construction and equipping of Dr. Mustafa Naraghi nursing home located in Kahrizak and change of use to modular scientific and applied unit until now.
  • Construction and equipping of Dr. Mustafa Naraghi educational complex including elementary, first secondary and girls’ conservatory in the fields of sewing, embroidery, and graphics with 30 teaching classes and ten technical workshops and about a thousand students until now.
  • Construction and equipping of Dr. Mustafa Naraghi’s boys’ academy located in one of the deprived areas of Karaj with more than 600 square meters of training workshop including two halls of Dr. Mustafa Naraghi school for teaching in electronics and computer fields, and Papli Khaltabari hall for teaching mechanics and electrotechnical fields, twelve classes with a capacity of 420 students until now.
  • Scholarships for talented students in need until now
  • Grants for university facilities for talented students of government centers who have problems in providing for their education and dormitory expenses.
  • Registration fees, uniforms, insurance, as well as school assistance fees for all covered students which after the visit, research and verification, his financial inability has been proven.
  • The cost of purchasing stationery for high school students.


In completing the welfare service chain for these loved ones, the actions are also in the agenda of this foundation to provide livelihood, marriage necessities and medical allowances. These actions include the following parts:

  • Allowance for daily expenses
  • Provision of essential home appliances for about 200 families, including: gas, stove, refrigerator, carpet, kitchen utensils, fan, blanket, etc.
  • Preparing and donating more than 200 sets of dowries according to the needs of young couples
  • Payment of medical expenses including: Introduction to the relevant doctor and payment of diagnosis and treatment costs, payment of surgery costs with full provision of all services including: paying the cost of transferring the patient to the city of the treatment center if necessary, paying all the hospital expenses from the time of admission to the discharge, as well as providing accommodation with the patient for more than 300 people so far.


Dr. Mustafa Naraghi Charity Foundation, Amadeh Laziz food, and Actover pharmaceutical company have taken another step to help the needy in our country. They are dealing with the damage caused by natural disasters and diseases. They are also helping athletes. Additionally, they are preserving and protecting the environment of this border and region. These activities include the following actions:

  • Attending the affected areas caused by natural disasters and floods, such as floods and earthquakes in deprived areas of the country, including dispatch of medical specialists, provision of medicine, donation of suitable food, donation of blankets and warm clothes, stationery and also special toys for children.
  • Providing relief to the affected areas caused by the earthquake in Syria, including sending blankets and heating devices, medical items, medical equipment, and food to the victims of the Syrian earthquake.
  • Preparation of disinfectant solution, personal protective clothing and distribution in medical centers and hospitals
  • Providing and donating food items, educational facilities, medical and pharmaceutical supplies, and cash donations to other organizations and charities.
  • Equipping the pharmacy of the national wrestling team, including the necessary drugs and supplements, as well as the medical and physiotherapy equipment of this complex.
  • Supporting Miankaleh wildlife rangers
  • Cleaning of public places including Tcleaning of the heights of Shamshak and Darband Sar, cleaning of Dasht Shaghaig in Polur and…


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