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Smart Classrooms And Laboratory

equipping smart classrooms stated:

Equipping Smart Classrooms

Five classrooms have been equipped and provided to the teachers in an smart way to teach the students of this center so that these loved ones can receive education with a more suitable quality in the field of education. our smart classrooms are learning spaces that’s been enhanced with educational technology and is designed to improve the teaching and learning experience.

Ms. Nahale Naraghi in support of equipping smart classrooms stated:

Every child takes on information in different ways and has different needs. Smart classes in Farvardin Tahbaz elementary school are equipped with a range of engaging educational technologies that are designed to help educators transform the learning experience and students to learn, collaborate and innovate in incredible ways.  This school consists of ten classes with a capacity of 35 students each. Also, 7 classrooms are smartly equipped to teach the students of this center.

Equipping Laboratories

Laboratory equipment allows students to conduct experiments in a practical way. Such practical learning often makes challenging theories and concepts easier to understand. In this regard, a well-equipped laboratory was opened.

Practical teaching of courses is an effective step in improving the completion of the students’ learning process. Due to the importance of correct scientific and practical education, the laboratory of this school is equipped according to the standard educational topics.

Ms. Nahale Naraghi in support of equipping smart classrooms