Dr. Mostafa Naraghi's charity

Establishment of Boys High School By Dr Naraghi’s Charity

Establishment of Boys High School By Dr Naraghi's Charity

Establishment of Boys High School By Dr Naraghi’s Charity

In 2002, Dr. Mostafa Naraghi Boys’ Academy opened. It has a capacity of 400 students, and is in four fields: electronics, mechanics, electrotechnics, network, and software. The academy is 4800 square meters, with 1200 meters of substructure. All the costs of equipping this conservatory have been under his responsibility until today. This important thing was recorded and carried out as the first action in the field of education of boys.

Establishment of Boys High School By Dr Naraqi family and ms nahaleh naraghi


Computer Workshop

Computer and information technology has a impressive role in today’s life, from home and kitchen to office software and systems and even industry. It can be said that the life of today’s people is impossible without computers and information technology.

Dr. Mustafa Naraghi Conservatory is trying to educate students by offering network and software courses. The space intended for this workshop field includes 20 computers and two theory training classes.

Computer Workshop on dr naraghi's high school


Electronics Workshop

The field of electronics is considered as one of the main industrial fields. All the electronic equipment around us is designed and made by electronics specialists. The field of electronics can be considered as the science of designing different circuits. This field has a workshop with an area of 200 square meters. It has a capacity of 105 students. The workshop contains 12 oscilloscopes and electrical educational circuits.

Electronics Workshop in dr naraghi high school


Winning the second place in robotics in district four of Alborz province

Robotics competitions are held every year in two provincial and then national stages. Dr. Mustafa Naraghi Conservatory is proud. They won first rank in the province. The new flame detector robot initiative, controlled through a mobile phone, helped. They are now preparing for a successful national stage participation.

The construction of this conservatory has allowed Dr. Mustafa Naraghi’s charitable institution to create a platform for lateral benefactors as well. The philanthropist Mrs. Khalatbari built an educational space known as Papli Khaltabari at Dr. Mostafa Naraghi Conservatory. It has an area of 500 square meters and can accept 230 male students in the fields of mechanics and electrotechnics.


Electrotechnical workshop

Electrotechnics and electronics are both popular trends in the electrical field. However, each of them has its own specialized topics. The field of electronics primarily focuses on electronic circuits and boards. It also involves using components like capacitors and transistors. The primary focus of the electrotechnical field is examining and analyzing high-assembly circuits. It also involves working with parts such as electrical panels and various cables.

The educational space of this field has an area of 250 square meters, a capacity of 110 students, and is equipped with 10 electrical panels and 8 educational stands.

اقدامات خیریه خانواده نراقی Naraghi family organization


Mechanic workshop

The job market of automotive mechanics field is one of the markets that today, with the great progress that all countries around the world have made in the automobile industry, and also with the increase in the production of automobile parts, this industry is constantly expanding.

Mechanical workshop with an area of 250 square meters, 6 machines for the main body of the car, 9 machines for training stands for engine and car electricity, and 11 training machines for replacing parts and troubleshooting is available to 145 students of this field.

Mechanic workshop