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Establishment of High School of Art and Design

Ms. Nahale Naraqi in Support of Educational Charitable Activities

Establishment of High School of Art and Design By Dr Naraghi’s Charity

In 2004, after many consultations and cooperation with the education department of Mashhad Sixth District, the Dr. Mostafa Naraghi Charity Foundation succeeded in obtaining a legal permit. They changed the use of the elementary level to High School of Art and Design.

This High school started its activity in three Fields of study. These are graphics, tailoring, and leather crafting. It considered the living conditions and job needs of female students in the region. The school was fully completed and equipped for the well-being of students.




Ms. Nahale Naraqi in Support of Educational Charitable Activities stated that:

This High School is constructed with the needs of the area in mind. They include classrooms to accommodate hundreds of students, facilities that promote good hygiene, and sanitation in line with core humanitarian standards. Our high schools are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities; including Workshops, as well as libraries, to promote the practice of both textbook and practical knowledge.

Our goal in Naraghi’s Family charity foundation is to build schools in remote areas and help underprivileged communities. We believe in the power of education to change lives and we’re working towards making education accessible to every child.


Sewing workshop

Regarding the high importance of clothing in the society and considering the poor financial condition of the people living in the area, this complex started a tailoring course to teach production, income generation and finally self-sufficiency of students.

This training center is equipped with two sewing workshops with the capacity to train 70 students, seven industrial sewing machines, 18 simple sewing machines and four serger sewing machines.

تجهیز کارگاه خیاطی به همت خیریه دکتر نراقی و سرکار خانم نهاله نراقی High School of Art and Design By Dr Naraghi's Charity


leather crafting Workshop

This training center started the field of Leather Crafting. It aligns with the goal of education for production, income generation, and student self-sufficiency. The field includes 3 active workshops. They are equipped with 8 sewing machine and have a capacity of 50 students. The products produced by this educational group were displayed in domestic education exhibitions. They were well received by the visitors. It is hoped that in the coming years, they will be responsible for a part of the domestic production market.

leather crafting workshop is part of naraghi's educational charitable programs


Graphic workshop

The position of graphic designer is considered one of the most used and demanding jobs in Iran and the world and there is almost no company or organization that does not need one or more graphic artists to carry out their advertising and art projects.

In this regard, this training center for the field of graphics was established by equipping 3 workshops, 30 computers, and with the training capacity of 90 students.

graphic classes is part of nahale naraqi Charity