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World Environment Day, celebrated annually on June 5th, is one of the most significant global events dedicated to raising awareness and taking action for the environment. Initiated by the United Nations, this day aims to enhance public awareness and strengthen international efforts for environmental protection and the promotion of sustainable development.


History of World Environment Day

World Environment Day was first established in 1972 following the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment held in Stockholm, Sweden. At this conference, the United Nations General Assembly decided that June 5th would be designated as World Environment Day each year.


The Importance of World Environment Day

A healthy environment is essential for the life of humans and all living creatures. However, human activities such as pollution, climate change, and deforestation are damaging our planet. World Environment Day serves as an opportunity to remind us of this issue and encourage individuals, communities, and governments to take action to address these challenges.

But how can we protect the environment?


The Role of Communities and Individuals in Protecting the Environment

Every individual in society can play a significant role in environmental protection. Small but effective actions such as reducing plastic consumption, recycling waste, using renewable resources, and conserving energy can have a substantial impact on the environment. World Environment Day provides an opportunity for individuals to rethink their daily habits and make positive changes to help preserve the Earth.

Some of these actions include:

  1. Reducing Plastic Consumption: Using cloth bags instead of plastic ones, avoiding the purchase of plastic bottles by opting for washable bottles, and recycling plastic are actions that reduce plastic consumption.
  2. Saving Water: Turning off taps when not in use and collecting rainwater for watering plants can help conserve water.
  3. Reducing Energy Consumption: Turning off lights and electrical appliances when not in use, using energy-efficient bulbs, and opting for public transport or cycling can reduce energy consumption.
  4. Planting Trees: Trees play a crucial role in purifying the air and producing oxygen. Planting trees in your yard, workplace, or parks helps protect the environment.


World Environment Day and Charitable Activities of Dr. Naraghi’s organization

Naraqi charitable activities on World Environment Day play a significant role in raising public awareness about environmental issues and encouraging people to participate in environmental preservation.

The Actoverco Pharmaceutical Group, from which Dr. Naraqi’s charity was born, is a leading entity in the pharmaceutical industry that has consistently taken effective steps towards environmental protection, reducing excessive energy consumption, and adhering to sustainable development principles in its production processes.

These activities include tree planting, supporting environmental organizations, educational support, and awareness campaigns, all of which contribute to environmental cleanup, natural resource restoration, and improved quality of life.


Ms. Nahaleh Naraghi’s support in the field of treatment and environment

World Environment Day: An Effort for Awareness, Participation, and Earth Revival

Paying attention to and protecting the environment is a fundamental necessity in today’s world. The dedicated managers of Dr. Naraqi’s charity and the Actoverco Pharmaceutical Group have demonstrated how responsible approaches can contribute to preserving and improving the environment.

Ms. Nahaleh Naraqi, speaking about environmental protection, stated: “In the path of safeguarding our precious ecosystems, we have never overlooked the importance of educating and equipping local citizens and promoting a culture of environmental support. We strive to participate in effective measures to combat natural and artificial damages and to develop and promote a culture and education in support of our country’s valuable environment.”

Board members: Nahaleh naraqi – Dr. Alinasr Naraqi