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Ms. Nahaleh Naraghi celebrated Arbor day!

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Naraghi's Charity

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March 9, 2024

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Ms. Nahaleh Naraghi celebrated Arbor day!

as every year Actoverco pharmaceutical group celebrated the Arbor Day and Natural Resources Week by planting saplings. Paying attention to nature is one of the ancient traditions of Iran. Arbor Day is a special occasion in Iran’s history that dedicated to planting and caring for trees. It was first proposed in the 19th century and Its purpose is to encourage people to plant trees. Arbor Day observed in many countries by planting trees.


Ms. Nahale Naraghi (Board Member at Dr. Naraghi’s Charity foundation) stated that:

Trees can remind us of our connection to one another. This can inspire us to take action against deforestation and climate change. Planting trees on this day is a reminder of the importance of each person in preserving the environment and green spaces, and it has become one of the biggest goals of Actoverco and Dr. Naraghi Charity Foundation as an important social responsibility.


In the following, you will read the congratulatory message of Ms. Nahaleh Naraqi on Arbor Day:

“By celebrating Arbor Day, we can protect nature, natural resources and our environment hand in hand! Together, we can work towards a Brighter and Greener future by planting and caring for trees in our communities. Happy Arbor Day!.”