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National Day of Children’s and Young Adult Literature: Celebrating the Adventurous World of Stories

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Naraghi's Charity

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ژوئن 23, 2024

National Day of Children's and Young Adult Literature

Every year, the 9th of July in the Iranian calendar is recognized as the National Day of Children’s and Young Adult Literature. This day provides a valuable opportunity to reflect on the importance of children’s and young adult literature and the significant role this precious treasure plays in nurturing the minds and souls of future generations.

The Importance of the National Day of Children’s and Young Adult Literature

The significance of this day lies in its focus on literature aimed at young audiences, which plays a crucial role in shaping the mindset and creativity of the younger generation. Children’s and young adult literature is not only important for reading and enjoying sweet and imaginative stories but also serves as an educational and developmental tool.

Below, we will explain the impact of reading on children and young adults.

The Impact of Reading on Children and Adolescents

Reading offers numerous benefits for children and adolescents. Here are some of the most significant advantages:

  • Development of Language and Vocabulary

Reading introduces children and adolescents to new words, expanding their vocabulary. This experience not only aids in the development of their language skills but also plays a crucial role in improving their academic performance. Learning new words and improving comprehension help children and adolescents communicate better in various educational settings and gain a deeper understanding of academic concepts. This directly contributes to their academic progress and success.

  • Enhancement of Cognitive Skills

Reading books helps improve concentration, memory, and critical thinking. These skills are essential for advancement in learning and problem-solving in both academic and everyday life. Better concentration enables children and adolescents to participate more effectively in various activities and learn their lessons with greater precision. Additionally, improved memory aids them in retaining information better and utilizing it at the right time.

  • Development of Imagination and Creativity

Stories and content in books can stimulate children’s imagination and enhance their creativity. When children read or listen to various stories, they create mental images and design different characters and worlds. This process boosts their creativity, leading to the generation of unique and innovative ideas.

  • Improvement of Social and Emotional Skills

Books can help children and adolescents better understand the emotions and experiences of others, fostering greater empathy. By reading stories and seeing the diverse worlds of characters, children are able to clearly address social and ethical issues and improve their communication skills through experiencing different characters.

  • Increase in General Knowledge

Reading various books on different subjects can help increase the general knowledge of children and adolescents, making them more aware of the world around them. By reading a diverse range of books, children can gain insight into various topics, including history, geography, science, cultures, and other societies.

  • Boosting Motivation and Confidence

Children and adolescents who read more often experience greater confidence in academic and social settings. These experiences give them the self-assurance to trust themselves and their viewpoints, enabling them to participate effectively in conversations. Increased motivation is another benefit of reading, as progress in reading skills and comprehension encourages them to learn and explore various topics further.

The Right Time for Children’s Reading

Children benefit from reading books at any age. You don’t need to have a large personal library; you can use public libraries and find a wide range of books. You can even encourage your child to exchange books with their friends.

For children under 18 months, use books with simple and bold pictures. Reading the sentences is not necessary; instead, talk to your child about the pictures and pages in the book.

When children reach 7 to 12 months old, you can use books with photos and short sentences. For children aged 12 to 18 months, books featuring pictures of other children engaged in everyday activities are attractive.

As your child starts to talk, try to involve them in reading the book. For example, point to a picture and ask them what it is. If their answer is incorrect, don’t criticize them; instead, explain what it actually is and how it appears to you.

National Day of Children’s and Young Adult Literature: An Opportunity for Families

On this day, you can take simple yet effective actions to promote a culture of reading among children and adolescents and to instill high human and ethical values in them.

Some actions you can take to increase children’s interest in reading include:

  1. Visiting libraries and cultural centers with children and adolescents: Taking children and adolescents to libraries and cultural centers can be a great opportunity for them to access a variety of books and participate in various cultural programs such as storytelling, poetry readings, and puppet shows.
  1. Gifting age-appropriate books: Choosing books that match the interests and age level of children can increase their motivation to read.
  1. Getting to know children’s and young adult authors and poets: By doing this, we can enhance our knowledge of children’s and young adult literature and select more suitable books for our children.
  1. Storytelling: You can narrate ancient Iranian tales, legends, or imaginative stories to your children and ask them to play the role of a character in the story.
  2. Puppet show performance: Use puppets to enact a simple story for your children. This activity not only helps children become familiar with stories and different characters but also strengthens their communication skills and teamwork through puppet play.
  1. Reading competition: You can organize a reading competition among family members. In this competition, each person can choose their favorite books and earn points based on the number of pages read or the number of books completed.

Children’s and Young Adult Literature: A Window to Growth

National Day of Children’s and Young Adult Literature is an opportunity to strengthen emotional bonds within families and foster the creativity of future generations.

Reading books for children and adolescents is not just an entertaining activity but also a significant investment in their future. This activity helps enhance their language, cognitive, social, and emotional skills, preparing them to face life’s challenges. By promoting the habit of reading, we provide future generations with powerful tools for personal and academic growth and development.

Naraghi’s Charity also contributes to improving children’s and adolescents’ literacy levels by creating awareness of the importance of this matter. The educational activities of Naraghi’s Charity not only increase access to educational resources but also provide new opportunities for the personal and social growth of children and adolescents.

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